A Perfect Landing Page

A Perfect Landing Page

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Landing Page is used to capturing the user’s details. There is no formula for the exact landing page, But still, there are some thumb rules required to increase the number of leads. If you are looking for ideas to create your next landing page, here are some of the ideas from what I have learnt from my experiences. And remember as I have already said there are no strict guidelines for creating landing pages, so always there is a gap that needs to be filled by testing and improvising.

Clean and Catchy Headline
The Headline should be straight forward and crisp, it should be no more than 4 – 7 Words. If running ads for the landing page, then the ads copy and heading needs to be easily relatable. If the user is not able to relate the landing page headline and ads copy then we are going to lose our lead.

Supporting copy
The supporting copy needs to elaborately describe the purpose of the page and remember the support copy must be related to the Headline. Make sure it doesn’t have any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Lead Form
This is the most important part of the landing page, it’s going to help us to capture the leads data. The form fields need to be very minimal, as too many fields may cause the user to lose their interest to fill the form. The button and form fields need to be clear and it should be a standout. And make sure the form comes in the first fold of the screen.

The services section needs to be very clear. If the user fills the form what are the benefits that they are going to get must be explained. The services must have an image or icon to represent the services because the human mind observes the images more than content. So as much as possible place images for the services, and make sure that the images are related to the services that you are providing.

Unique Selling Point
If your service has competitors in the market, this section will make us stand out from the crowd. If you are having a unique product then this section is optional. If possible use images or icon

Trust Indicators
To gain users trust include some users testimonials and press releases. That will give some confidence towards us. And I personally feel that the testimonials with real peoples face always give a personal touch to users.

Always Be Testing
As said earlier, optimize a landing page for conversion over time. Do A/B Testing change copies and images, see which is getting a higher conversion rate. If you are ready to run A/B Testing always try with the new design. So you can get more insight into user behaviour.

Other Things
The above things will help you to capture or convert a user to lead. But remember one more thing

“A good first impression isn’t just about design, but also how fast that design loads.”

Thanks for reading our article. Now, it’s time to roll out our landing page.

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